Business Introduction

We create the best elderly home life for you

Our business is mainly focusing on Longevity Design and Longevity Technology. A team of talented professionals are working with us to provide comprehensive campaigns about elderly homes for our clients. We are actively helping people in need, especially for the disadvantaged groups. Longevity Charity is one of the non-profit organisations under the corporate group, aiming to provide elders better home lives.
#1 Do you know why we chose ‘’Longevity Design House’’ as our company name? Our founder had had a nice conversation with one of the most talented Japanese architects, Tadao Ando, and got a lot of inspiration from him. One of the most well-known compositions of Tadao Ando is ‘’Row House in Sumiyoshi’’, which has received the Japanese Architecture College Prize. He had built a narrow house in a narrow alley in Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka. This creative and innovative architectural design made good use of the limited space. Sunshine, wind, even rain can easily get in the house without any cover on top, Living there is just like merging with nature.