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Ageing At Home System

Lots of elders are sent to sanatoriums. However, limited supplies of sanatoriums and long waiting time are unfavourable for elders with urgent needs at home. Besides, it is not easy for elders to adapt to new environments. Ageing at home may be an alternative option for elders. However, there are only a few elderly-friendly living environments leading elders’ lives less convenient.

Take it easy! Ageing At Home System is here to solve these problems for you!

What’s Ageing At Home System?

We use a mix of intelligent products and professional care services to convenience elderlies’ lives and make them safer at home.

Longevity Care

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The live location features prevent you from getting lost by adding danger zones and safe zones. Notifications will be sent when the users are entering or leaving the zones


Notifications remind users to have regular visits with doctors and take medicine.

Heart Rate Monitor & Step Counter Function

Users’ heart rate and walking route can be monitored and recorded.

Data Collection

Users’ heart rate, live location and walking route serve as useful data for medical use, analysis of habit and body condition.


If users enter the danger zones or cannot arrive at the clinics on-time, alarms will be shown on the screen to remind the users.

How does the GPS work?

The monitor system notifies and records the data when the elder leaves the safe zones, enters the hazard zones, shows irregular heartbeats or does not arrive at clinics for regular check-ups at the appointed time.


How do the doctors and nurses carry out follow-up actions?

The collected data including blood pressure, blood glucose level and habits allow doctors to perform medical analysis with the elders. For cases with hidden elders, we can provide some follow-up measures for example home visits carried out by social workers.