triLED™ 科技滅蚊儀

triLED™ Technology Mosquito Globe



triLED™ Technology Mosquito Globe

(1) Rids your space of mosquitoes 

The triLED™ mosquito mode repels mosquitoes to 150 sq.ft

(2) Perfect for 1

Highest repellent efficiency for 1 person

(3)  3 Modes for you to choose from

All triLED™ product have 3 ambiances :

Cool White (5000k)
Warm White (3100k)
Mosquito Mode (1850k)

(4) Improves your home’s ambiance

Be efficient while doing your work/home tasks. Relax while you’re outdoors

(5) Easy & Fast Charging

Less downtime for your triLED™ Mosquito Globe Micro-USB included in your box


triLED™ 技術蚊子地球儀

(1) 消滅你的蚊子空間,  triLED™  蚊蟲模式可驅除 150 平方英尺的蚊子

(2) 適合 1 人,驅蚊效率最高

(3) 3種模式供您選擇,所有 triLED™ 產品都有 3 種氛圍: 冷白 (5000k) ,暖白 (3100k) ,蚊式模式 (1850k)

(4) 改善您家的氛圍,在做你的工作/家庭任務時要高效。在戶外放鬆身心

(5) 簡單快速充電,減少包裝盒中 triLED™ Mosquito Globe Micro-USB 的停機時間


尺寸 7 × 7 cm

Large, Medium, Small