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Elderly Home Mobile Trolley Project

Under the support of C. F. & Nancy Tao Foundation, Longevity Design House collaborated with the Higher diploma students who are studying in furniture design in Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), in order to re-design the Elderly Home Mobile Trolley for elderlies having early dementia or amnesia.

After the previous community visiting, maybe due to their illness, we observed that the common problem of those elderlies with dementia is their way of storage is quite untidy and messy, which makes their daily lives less convenient. We understand they may not have enough resources to renovate their homes. Therefore, we hope a simple piece of furniture can act as a good tool to improve their living qualities.

Five styles of Elderly Home Mobile Trolley were designed by the students involved in the project. After balancing the opinions from professional designers and elders, users needs, market and production costs, we chose three styles of Elderly Home Mobile Trolleys as our final products.

After having a series of activities with the students and elders, including elderly home visits, design workshops and surveys, we understand the living habits and needs of the elders.

Here are the functions of the Elderly Home Mobile Trolley:

  1. As storage area: elders can put stuffs that they used frequently such as medicine, follow-up appointment receipts, phone and glasses in the trolley remind them where do they put their stuffs.
  2. As walking aids: suitable for elders with slight immobility to use as handrail and assist their walkings at home.
  3. Movable: can be used as bedside table or food trolley that accompany elders at home all the time

Longevity Design House worked with two community service institution: Yan Oi Tong Woo Chung District Elderly Community Centre (Tuen Mun) and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (Sham Shui Po). We had reached more than 80 elders and gave 50 Mobile Trolley to them under the support of the Foundation. We would like to thank all of the working partners!

After giving away 50 Mobile Trolley under the support of the Foundation, we would like to announce three styles of Elderly Home Mobile Trolley are going to launched in the market for sale, in order to help more elders and improves their living qualities.

We have recorded some of the highlights of the project. Please click the link below for the video: