You are currently viewing Upgrading Home U-shaped traps Project – <strong>100 elders are expected to be benefit from the project</strong>

Upgrading Home U-shaped traps Project – 100 elders are expected to be benefit from the project

In the August of 2022, Longevity Design House carried out “Hysan Community Connect: Elderly Home Upgrading Home U-shaped traps Project”.

In the pandemic, we examined and repaired home U-shaped traps, and also sprayed nano disinfectant coating (allow to kill 99.99% of COVID-19 virus and effectiveness lasts for 90 days) for 100 elders living alone or with their partners in the non-public housings in To Kwa Wan.

We hope more teenagers are going to participate in works related to ageing at home. We worked with UOW College Hong Kong to train about 10 students studying sociology. They participated in the home visits, home disinfection and repair work with our maintenance staffs.

We are so glad to work the community institutions in To Kwa Wan estate, including S.K.H Holy Capenter Church Community Centre, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon and Fullness Social Enterprises Society. Their contributions on community resources and connections made this community project worked successfully shortly.

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