IPA Ponte Giulio -Contractor Anti-microbial Vinyl Coated Corner Grab Bar

Size : 76 x 76 cm

Colour :W1: White


Contractor Anti-microbial Vinyl Coated Corner Grab Bar

Anti-microbial vinyl coated 2-wall corner grab bar. No maintenance 3mm thick anti-microbial vinyl coating. Concealed vinyl 4-hole flange plate. Multiple color options and sizes available. Lifetime warranty.

• 450-pound load capacity
• First measurement is the side with the third flange
• Can be installed in either direction
• Single grab bar in place of two grab bars
• Anti-microbial, warm and soft to the touch, superior non-slip grip
• ADA rated
• Side with extra flange is the longuest




D4 Dark Grey, WE: Signal white